As I was thinking back on the early days of my IM experience I realized that I was getting my events a little out of sequence ( this happens with age).

I don’t remember how I landed on the water4gas website (that age thing again), but there I was, reading about an interesting process of getting hydrogen from water and putting it into the air intake of your car. The hydrogen makes the fuel burn more efficiently and you get better gas mileage.

I was quite taken with the idea and read everything on the site. It was full of scientific evidence and examples, and explanations. It certainly seemed to make sense at the time and when I found out they wanted people to sell the how-to manuals I thought:

“Dang! something like this ought to sell like pancakes on fire! (or something like that).

water4gas website

I mean you could get most of the supplies you would need to build the system from your local hardware store for less than 80 bucks!

They had resources you could use as sales aids,  like articles for press releases, classified ad copy, and  GET THIS. They-had-a-link-to-a-site that would blast your ad out to over three Million people at once!

Now… I know what you’re thinking, but I’m no genius.

I stood to make a cool $60 for every manual I sold.

Let’s say 3 million people see my ad and only 1% of them buy the product (I”m being  uber conservative here because I was really,really expecting more like 10%?)

Here, let’s do this… 3,000,000.00 X 1% +60 dollars, carry the one,….

uh, YOU do the math.

Any way, I decided that I was going to go for the gusto and not only did I get me some of those ads and blast them out to 3M people, I did it twice. (why not? It was FREE)

Then I rolled up my sleeves and really went to work. I placed classified ads in the major news papers in Seattle Washington and In Portland Oregon. Shoot, I even put one of those puppies in the Anchorage times in Alaska (like I said, I’m no genius).

I didn’t stop there either, I stuck some of them in those little nickle saver and penny saver papers where people advertise their stuff for sale.

But wait…there’s STILL more.

I made up a bunch of fliers and stapled them to anything I could all over Portland  and Beaverton, and then I taped a couple of them onto the back seat windows of my car.

Whew! All done.

Now all I had to do was wait and keep checking my Clickbank account… read more



















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